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Your baby may not be able to express how she feels yet, but she can certainly tell when something makes her happy. When she sees you smiling and holding a new toy, her trust in you increases. 

Choose the right toy for your child by reading up on what to look for before buying the first plush toy for your baby. It’s not easy finding a plush toy that’s safe, age-appropriate, and practical at the same time. Remember, these are gifts that will stay with your child for years to come, so you must find one that’s going to make him or her happy! 

Read on for some helpful tips on choosing the perfect first plush toy for your baby.

Safety First

The first thing to consider when buying a stuffed toy for your baby is whether it is safe for her to play with. Whether it’s a soft stuffed animal or a plush toy of their favorite character, all stuffed toys are non-toxic. 

However, there are still certain precautions you need to follow to make sure your baby stays safe while playing with plush toys. First, it’s important to choose a plush toy that’s soft and plush. Hard toys can cause injury when a baby throws them or attempts to roll them around. 

Also, make sure to buy a plush toy that’s the right size for your baby. Baby Company's collection of baby plush toys is a top choice for most parents. Check out Zazu Danny the Dog Peek-A-Boo Soft Toy

Know the Age Limit for a Plush Toy

One thing you do not want to do as a parent is buy a plush toy that your baby can’t play with. This can be dangerous since toys are made for a certain age range. For example, baby blankie toys are meant for newborn babies, while other baby toys for 1-year-olds are soft and durable enough for teething toddlers.  

Make sure you know the age range of the toy you’re buying so you don’t purchase one that’s not age-appropriate for your baby. Look at the toy's age recommendation label to find the recommended age range. If the plush toy you’re buying is not meant for your baby’s age range, you can always find a different plush toy that’s in the right range.  

The Gund Magical Unicorn plush toy from Baby Company is recommended for babies from 1 year old and above. 

Size Matters

A plush toy that’s too big for your baby can cause injury if it’s thrown or if it’s grabbed and yanked. Likewise, a toy that’s too small for your baby will not hold his interest for long. It’s important to choose a plush toy that’s the right size for your baby. 

You can use the age range of your baby’s toys to help you choose a plush toy that’s the right size for your baby. If your baby is too big for some of the plush toys that are meant for babies, they can still be used by toddlers. If your baby falls into the recommended age range of the plush toy you’re buying, you can be sure that it’s the right size for your baby. 

You might want to take a look at the Zazu Liz the Lamb Baby Sleep Soothers from Baby Company. 

Material Is Important, Too

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a plush toy, but one of the most important is the material of the toy. Soft toys for kids that are made with soft materials, like plush or fleece, are usually safe for babies. Soft toys that are made from vinyl or plastic are usually not safe for babies. These materials can cause allergies and sensitivities in some babies and young toddlers. 

When buying a plush toy, look for plush toys that are made with soft materials like plush, fleece, or vinyl. There are also certain safety features that soft toys for babies with soft materials usually have. This is especially true for toys meant for babies. Push toys usually come with built-in safety features, like a safety loop so the baby won’t suffocate or choke on it. 

One great item to check out is Baby Company's Lamaze Franky the Hanky Whale Cloth Toy, It's a safer option for toys that are meant for little kids. 

Choosing the right plush toy for your baby can be tricky. There are so many different kinds of plush toys out there and it can be hard to find the perfect one. Of course, you want to ensure that the plush toy you choose is safe for your child to play with, is the right size for your child, and has the features that your child will enjoy. 

The first key to reaching this goal is to know where to look. Baby Company has been around for years, providing exceptional service and offering great items for both parents and babies. 

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