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Developmental Benefits of Play Mats for Your Baby 

Baby activity playmats are amazing ways to encourage your little one to play. Many parents assume that play mats won’t work because infants aren’t supposed to “play” until much later in their first year of life. But this is far from the truth! 

Baby playmats and gyms have a variety of benefits for all stages of life, even for parents who are looking to increase their child’s activity levels. While it might seem like there is something scary about playing in an open space, research has shown that this is simply not the case. Babies love to explore and play with their toys, so by giving them the freedom to do so in an area where they feel safe and secure, you can give them the same opportunity as everyone else! 

In this blog, we share everything you need to know about the benefits of playmats for your baby and why you should start using them as early as now instead of later.  

What are the benefits of playmats for babies? 

Kids’ playmats are a fun and easy way to get your baby moving and interacting with you and their social world. They encourage babies to explore their environment by letting them out of their comfort zone. This can lead to the baby developing a greater sense of creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Before you know it, they’ll be using their new-found motor skills to navigate, attain, and use basic tools like the ones provided by their loved ones. Interactive baby toys like baby activity gyms and playmats are also ideal for encouraging your baby to try new things. Even small babies can use them to roll, push, and pull things, which can encourage them to experiment with their environment and discover new things.

Get your baby moving with simple activities

Some of the best baby activities are the simplest. You can purchase many different toys, and while they may suit your baby’s age group, they will not necessarily appeal to your baby’s motor skills. Motor skills are developed through practice, and most toys can be difficult or even impossible for a baby to play with in their age group. 

Baby Company’s playmat collection is a great option for this. It includes baby playmats and gyms that are easy for babies of all ages to use, and they can create various fun and creative projects with it. 

Play, play, play, and more play! 

Playmats and activity gyms are also great for encouraging your baby to interact with others. It might seem like an odd thing to mention at first, but your baby will love to play with you and their toys when they’re not wrapped in a blanket or cooped up in their crib. So by offering to share their playmat with toys to friends, you encourage them to interact with other kids too! This can also be a great way to start your baby on the path to talking.

At what ages do babies start playing with playmats?

There isn’t a specific age when babies start to play on playmats. Some parents assume that because their baby is exploring the world around them, they’re old enough to play on a mat. But the fact is, many babies are too young to use a musical baby activity gym without being physically and developmentally able to take care of themselves. 

You shouldn’t force your baby to use a mat when they’re not ready. Start small, and allow them to play on a padded baby play mat when they’re ready. When your baby can already sit and crawl, then they’re ready to try a playmat. If they’ve started to crawl, get them a tunnel play mat.

The benefits of playmats for babies are endless. They’re a wonderful way to keep your toddlers entertained and happy as they develop better motor skills and use their bodies and minds productively. Whether you have an infant or a toddler, you and your child can benefit from playmats! 

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