Find Safe and Affordable Baby Wipes from Giggles at Baby Company

In the first couple of years since birth, babies will require a heap of diapering essentials such as diapers and wipes. Baby wipes, in particular, have become a basic necessity in baby care as an easy solution for tidying up the dirty hands, faces, and even bums of the baby. 

While there are tons of options on baby wipes on the market, it is still substantial for parents to know what to look for in baby wipes in terms of scent, thickness, ingredients, as well as wipe count per pack.

Make a smart choice with Giggles baby wipes you can shop at Baby Company! Browse our collection of wet wipes from Giggles for your baby's diapering and potty needs. 

A Staple in Taking Good Care of Babies’ Skin

If you are looking for extra soft yet thick, paraben-free, and alcohol-free baby wipes for all diapering and cleaning needs, search no further with Giggles wipes!

An affordable pick by Filipino moms, Giggles offers a variety of wet wipes that are 100% safe and gentle for the baby at a budget price. It is made of mild ingredients gently formulated to clean and moisturize your baby's delicate skin. 

Giggles baby wipes come in Unscented and Powder Scent variants—the latter gives an extra warmer experience to the baby’s skin! You can choose from the 2-pack and 3-pack bundles with 10-pieces up to 96-pieces of wipes available at Baby Company. Each pack of baby wipes is conveniently and compactly packed for home and travel use, making it easier to bring anywhere!

Stock up on baby wipes with Giggles products you can get at Baby Company! Purchase all your baby needs and more in stores nationwide or save up to 14% off on select Giggles baby wipes when you check out online via!

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