Lactacyd Baby Body and Hair Wash 250ml
Lactacyd Baby Extra Milky 500ml Baby WashLactacyd Baby Extra Milky 500ml Baby Wash

Embrace Gentle Care with Lactacyd for Baby

Formulated with the utmost care for your little one's delicate skin, Lactacy Baby introduces a line of baby care products that are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and suitable for regular use on a baby's skin. Nourish their innocence with the tender embrace of Lactacyd, now available at Baby Company!

Gentle Touch

Lactacyd for Baby is specially formulated with mild ingredients safe for your baby's sensitive skin. With a unique formula that gently cleanses while maintaining the natural pH balance, each baby bath product leaves your baby feeling fresh and comfortable after every bath.

Discover the Lactacyd Baby Body and Hair Wash, a liquid antiseptic that tenderly cleanses and nurtures your baby's delicate skin. Rich in lactoserum and lactic acid, it cleanses while preserving the natural protective layer. Strengthening natural defenses, it's ideal for daily baths, diaper rash, and dermatological care. 

For toddlers, the Lactacyd Toddler Wash provides a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience. This gentle wash is packed with moisturizing ingredients to keep your baby’s skin hydrated. It is also formulated with a long-lasting fragrance so your baby smells fresh and clean. 

Pamper Your Little One

Say goodbye to bath time struggles. Indulge in the nurturing care of Lactacyd for Baby, where every bath and wash is a moment of love and protection for your little one. Enjoy those bonding moments without any worries. Shop now at!

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