Pigeon Breast Pad Aloe Vera

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Sale price₱479 PHP


  • Designed for all-day comfort, its ultra-soft pad reduces the likelihood of nipple abrasion
  • It is also lined with aloe vera extract for added moisturization
  • The breast pads stay firmly in place with improved adhesive and fit discreetly under clothing
  • Made from a super absorbent polymer material, it is also breathable and leak proof
  • Dermatologically Tested = Gentle on delicate skin
  • Moisturize Skin with Aloe Vera Extract = Giving you all-day comfort
  • Leak Proof Coverage = Makes you feel secure at all time
  • Feel Fresh all day = Breathable lining keeps skin fresh and dry all day
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene


Qty: 60 pcs Breastpad per box

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