Get Your New Oribel High Chair Only at Baby Company

High chairs are designed to elevate babies safely to adult sitting height. It is meant to create a pleasant interaction between the parents and baby during spoon-feeding. With an assortment of forms, sizes, and features available in the market, it is worth noting that high chairs are a form of investment for babies and toddlers that should last for years.

Luckily, Oribel offers the perfect high chair for babies aged six months and up. Take a look at the mommy-approved Oribel products that you can shop at Baby Company!

Why Choose Oribel?

Oribel delivers innovative and versatile baby gears and accessories designed to grow with your kid. Their multi-functional products are built to last you for years, thus less spending on baby high chairs over the years that would cost you a fortune. It shows why most parents recommend Oribel high chair to new moms and parents.

Made for Baby’s Comfort!

An all-time favorite among Oribel’s catalog of products is their Cocoon High Chair. Inspired by a butterfly’s cocoon, this revolutionary high chair is a cozy little nook that can transform from a recliner to an early-feeding modern high chair complete with a table. The Oribel Cocoon High Chair is suitable from birth to three years old or a maximum of 20 kilos. Check out a range of aesthetic colors available at Baby Company such as Rose Meringue, Blue Raspberry, Pistachio Macaron, and Slate.

Oribel’s new and improved Cocoon Z High Chair is another option apt for Generation Z babies! This iconic shell-shaped high chair features a more stylish and compact design. It is also the first of its kind to have 360-degree gliders on the front and rear legs excellent for lounging and playing. The Cocoon Z High Chair has three recline positions and five height adjustments to fit newborns to toddlers akin to the original Cocoon High Chair. Get this high chair in Yellow Lemonade, Cotton Candy Pink, Ice Grey, and Avocado Green at Baby Company.

Don’t forget to customize your baby’s high chair with the Oribel Cocoon High Chair Seat Liner that adds plush padding for an extra comfy high chair.

Check for yourself why parents love the Oribel high chair for their babies! Shop all these Oribel unique high chair products and accessories at budget-friendly prices at Baby Company stores nationwide. You can also buy more baby products and essentials via

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