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Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers Newborn 160s
Save 12%
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Newborn 40s Bundle of 2Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Newborn 40s Bundle of 2
Pampers Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Newborn 40s Bundle of 2
Sale price₱495.00 Regular price₱560.00
Pampers Premium Tape Diapers Newborn 70 Pads
Pampers Premium Dry Pants Extra Large 36pcs
Pampers Premium Pants Diapers Medium 48 Pads
Pampers Overnight Pants XL-XXL 26 Pads
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Pampers Premium Pants XL, Super Jumbo Pack, 36 Pads (Buy 1 Save P70.00)
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Pampers Overnight Pants XXL 22 Pads
Pampers Pampers Overnight Pants XXL 22 Pads
Sale price₱680.00 Regular price₱750.00
Pampers Premium Dry Pants Small 64pcs
Pampers Baby DryPants XXXL 22 PadsPampers Baby DryPants XXXL 22 Pads
Pampers Overnight Pants XXL-XXXL 22 Pads
Save 10%
Pampers Aircon Pants XXL44
Pampers Pampers Aircon Pants XXL44
Sale price₱640.00 Regular price₱710.00
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Pampers Baby Dry Pants Super Jumbo Pack Large 58 BUY 2 SAVE P140Pampers Baby Dry Pants Super Jumbo Pack Large 58 BUY 2 SAVE P140
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Pampers Baby Dry Small, Jumbo Pack, 38 Pads BUY2SAVE75 CS4Pampers Baby Dry Small, Jumbo Pack, 38 Pads BUY2SAVE75 CS4

Grab the Best Pampers Diapers and Pants at Baby Company

Diapers are first on the list of must-have baby essentials as it is the most frequently used by babies since birth. For the record, newborns need seven to eight diapers a day on average!

Most mommies have criteria in choosing the best diaper for their baby including absorbency, softness and stretch, wetness indicator, and shape—all of which are in Pampers diapers!

The Pampers Care

Filipino parents have trusted Pampers Philippines for more than 50 years to care for their precious babies. An industry leader, Pampers prioritizes your baby’s comfort and safety.

Pampers' range of disposable diapers, pants, and wipes is made from ingredients tested and proven safe for babies, making it a quintessential brand among mommies.

Read on to see the most recommended Pampers products suited for every baby’s needs and lifestyle that you can shop at Baby Company!

Best Nappies for a Happy Baby

Prevent nappy leaks with disposable diapers that fit well. Understanding that no two babies are the same size, Pampers diapers have a range of sizes available for newborns to toddlers. Pampers newborn diaper size is suited for 0 to three months, while baby diaper sizes are for three to 12 months and toddlers for 12 months and up.

Pampers offers their Premium Care diapers and pants for the best skin protection. Equipped with 3D absorbing cushions and three magic gel channels, this line of nappies ensures that the baby’s bum is kept dry. Diaper change is also easy with its wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper is full.

The Pampers Baby-Dry diapers provide up to 12 hours of skin dryness with upgraded absorbancy and all-around comfort. Compared to other baby diapers, it has 2-times stretchable tapes to avoid leaks. Bigger and active babies can opt for the Pampers Baby-Dry pants for unbeatable dryness. Its easy-on and easy tear-off make nappy change a breeze.

Whatever you choose, both Pampers Premium and Baby-Dry nappies are made with a layer of lotion to keep your little one’s bottoms smooth, rash-free, and soft.

Pick all these best disposable diapers for your little one from Pampers’ range of diapers and pants available at! Shop Pampers diapers at affordable prices and more now!

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