Pigeon Breast Pad Aloe vera 60pcs/BoxPigeon Breast Pad Aloe vera 60pcs/Box
Pigeon Wide-Neck Nipple Cleaning BrushPigeon Wide-Neck Nipple Cleaning Brush
Pigeon Magmag Straw Brush
Pigeon Nylon Brush Rotary
Pigeon Baby Nail Clippers
Pigeon Milk Saver PumpPigeon Milk Saver Pump
Pigeon Milk Powder Container
Pigeon Training Toothbrush SetPigeon Training Toothbrush Set
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Pigeon 2-pack Princess Bottles 240ml
Pigeon Pigeon 2-pack Princess Bottles 240ml
Sale price₱1,199.20 Regular price₱1,499.00
Pigeon Flexible Crystal Clear PP Bottle 250ml
Pigeon RPP Feeding Bottle 240mlPigeon RPP Feeding Bottle 240ml
Pigeon Nipple Care Cream
Pigeon Basic Manual Breast PumpPigeon Basic Manual Breast Pump
Pigeon 2-pack Natural Fit Nipple ShieldsPigeon 2-pack Natural Fit Nipple Shields
Pigeon Flexible Crystal Clear PP Bottle 150ml
Pigeon Slim-Neck Cleaning BrushPigeon Slim-Neck Cleaning Brush
Pigeon Fine Stem Cotton Swabs 200's
Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent Refill 500ml

Buy Premium Quality Baby Supplies from Pigeon at Baby Company

The anxiety that new parents feel when preparing for their new baby is discernible—especially since they only want to make sure that they are doing what's best for their baby. No amount of preparation seems to ease this feeling but with Pigeon baby products, you can never go wrong. 

Pigeon Baby Products and Newborn Baby Essentials 

Babies and mommies alike need to be given the best possible care. It is particularly important that they also use products that provide the necessary benefits that they both need. 

Nursing and Feeding Supplies 

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding each have their note-worthy benefits for both moms and babies. While some moms are fortunate enough to be around their babies all day, many other moms are needed to spend hours away. Whether or not you are a full-time mommy, Pigeon offers nursing and feeding accessories that enable you to feed your newborn babies even when you are not with them. 

Babies also have extremely delicate skin which is why it's best to use products that use baby-friendly materials and ingredients to ensure safety. Pigeon brand baby products such as baby feeding bottles, baby wipes, breastmilk storage bags, and more!

Accessories are perfect for first-time moms who want to pick the best choices for baby products. Nursing with care is at the top of every mom's priorities. Luckily for them, they can now buy Pigeon baby products online. Yes, Pigeon baby products are now just a few clicks away!

Everyday Essentials

To maximize the benefits that Pigeon baby products offer, try our baby bath, potty, and daily essentials specially made for your little ones. Moms know that when selecting products for babies, there are things to consider: comfort, safety, convenience, and added benefits, all of which are offered by Pigeon baby products. 

You can choose from our gentle baby wipes, tooth gel, body wash, shampoo, cleanser, and more. Find all these Pigeon products at Baby Company stores nationwide or online at at very affordable prices. 

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