Tiny Buds

Tiny Buds

Tiny Buds Laundry Powder 1kg
Tiny Buds Baby Powder Rice 70g
Tiny Buds Scratch After Bite Soothing Gel
Tiny Buds Newborn Baby Powder Rice 70g
Tiny Buds Fabric Softener 850mlTiny Buds Fabric Softener 850ml
Tiny Buds Baby Bath Rice 200mlTiny Buds Baby Bath Rice 200ml
Tiny Buds Diaper Rash Lite Cream
Tiny Buds Natural Hand Sanitizer 60mlTiny Buds Natural Hand Sanitizer 60ml
Tiny Fangs Toothgel Stage 1 55ml
Tiny Buds Baby Lotion Rice 150ml
Tiny Buds Natural Diaper Changing Spray 120mlTiny Buds Natural Diaper Changing Spray 120ml
Tiny Buds Natural Baby Teething Gel 20gTiny Buds Natural Baby Teething Gel 20g
Tiny Buds Liquid Detergent 850ml
Save 23%
Tiny Buds Teething Chewbrush
Tiny Buds Tiny Buds Teething Chewbrush
Sale price₱100.00 Regular price₱130.00
Tiny Buds Calm Tummies Baby Massage Oil 30mlTiny Buds Calm Tummies Baby Massage Oil 30ml
Tiny Fangs Toothgel Stage 2 55ml
Tiny Buds Natural Nursery Cleaner 500mlTiny Buds Natural Nursery Cleaner 500ml
Save 28%
Tiny Buds Baby Wipes Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Tiny Buds Tiny Buds Baby Wipes Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Sale price₱450.00 Regular price₱625.00
Tiny Buds Sleepy Time Stick OnsTiny Buds Sleepy Time Stick Ons
Tiny Buds Baby Face Cream 30gTiny Buds Baby Face Cream 30g
Tiny Buds Hicc-Off Massage Oil 30mlTiny Buds Hicc-Off Massage Oil 30ml
Tiny Buds Laundry Powder- 3Pack
Tiny Buds Natural Baby Hair OilTiny Buds Natural Baby Hair Oil
Tiny Buds Tiny Remedies Baby Nasal AspiratorTiny Buds Tiny Remedies Baby Nasal Aspirator
Save 19%
Tiny Buds Micro Bristle Baby Teether Brush
Tiny Buds Tiny Buds Micro Bristle Baby Teether Brush
Sale price₱120.00 Regular price₱149.00
Tiny Buds Baby's First Toothbrush SetTiny Buds Baby's First Toothbrush Set
Tiny Buds Micro bristle Toddler ToothbrushTiny Buds Micro bristle Toddler Toothbrush
Save 24%
Tiny Buds Tiny Remedies Anti-Choke Medicine FeederTiny Buds Tiny Remedies Anti-Choke Medicine Feeder
Tiny Buds Fabric Softener Refill 850mlTiny Buds Fabric Softener Refill 850ml
Tiny Scoopers Baby Cotton Buds (400 Tips)Tiny Scoopers Baby Cotton Buds (400 Tips)
Tiny Buds Stuffy Nose Stick OnsTiny Buds Stuffy Nose Stick Ons

Explore Tiny Buds Baby Naturals Products

Known as one of the Top Baby Personal Care brands, Tiny Buds Baby Naturals boasts over 50 gentle baby care products made from natural ingredients without a tinge of any harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, and unnecessary additives.

Our stores carry a vast collection of Tiny Buds Philippines’ natural baby care essentials formulated to help every parent take care of their precious little ones—ranging from baby bath, skincare, oral care, laundry care, and bottle cleanser products.

Bath & Skincare

Aimed to nourish the delicate skin of your baby, Tiny Buds’ bath and skincare line include a variety of well-loved products. Discover natural baby powders, lotions, diaper changing spray, baby oil, wipes, and more.

Check out a parent-favorite and best-selling product that helps soothe the baby's nappy area—Tiny Remedies In a Rash? nappy cream. This cream works best with a baby acne soothing gel available in our value bundle. Our selection of Tiny Buds products also has a set of anti-mosquito essentials among others. 

Teeth Care

Building good oral habits for your baby starts with teeth care products that are natural and trusted by pediatricians. Tiny Buds’ teeth care line comprises various kinds of toothpaste and toothbrush for the baby’s oral needs. 

For little munchkins' first ever tooth, Tiny Buds offers a bundle of first tooth supplies. Likewise, their fluoride-free tooth gels are available in stages 1 and 2 suited for babies aged four months to two years and above. Bundles of these products are also available in-store at the best prices. 

Laundry and Bottle Care

Take care of your little one’s clothes and feeding supplies with natural cleaning essentials from Tiny Buds. Their line of laundry powders, fabric softeners, and detergents are made from natural cleaning agents and are baby and mommy-safe. 

Formulated for feeding bottles, their multi-purpose natural bottle wash is 100% food-safe to remove bacteria and foul odor from your baby’s feeding bottles. A best-seller bundle is available in our stores that includes two packs of baby bottle wash with free dish and bottle wash.

Get all Tiny Buds products at Baby Company! You’ll enjoy exploring our wide collection of Tiny Buds best-sellers at Shop now and score exciting bundles and discounts available!

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