Unilove Baby Laundry Detergent 1L - Powder Scent (Buy 1 Take 1)
Unilove Unscented Wipes 100 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Unilove Bottle Cleanser 500 ml Pouch (Buy 1 Take 1)
Unilove Slim Fit Pants Diaper 30 Pads with FREE Wipes 32 sheets
Save 12%
Uni-Love Slumbernight Baby Diaper Pants, Medium, 30 Pads, Pack of 1
Uni-Love Slumbernight Baby Diaper Pants, Medium, 30 Pads, Pack of 1
Sale price₱300 PHP Regular price₱339 PHP
Save 11%
Uni-Love Slumbernight Baby Diaper Pants - XXL, 30 Pads
Uni-Love Slumbernight Baby Diaper Pants - XXL, 30 Pads
Sale price₱450 PHP Regular price₱505 PHP

Pure Bliss for Your Little One

Embark on a journey of pure bliss for your little one with Uni-Love Philippines—a local brand that understands your baby's needs. Specializing in top-notch baby care products, Unilove is the go-to choice for mommies nationwide. From premium diapers to gentle wipes and soothing bath essentials, we have it all at an affordable price. 

At Baby Company, explore our carefully curated collection of baby-safe Uni-Love baby products that have won the hearts of both mommies and babies alike. Upgrade your parenting experience with Unilove's trusted and loved baby essentials!

A Gentle Touch for Your Angel

Keep your baby fresh and clean throughout the day with Uni-Love baby wipes, designed for on-the-go convenience. Experience pure indulgence with Uni-Love Chubby Baby Wipes. The extra thickness ensures utmost softness for your baby's delicate skin, making it safe for their face, hands, and body.

For your baby’s diapering essentials, Uni-Love Airpro Baby Diaper has all you need to keep them dry and comfortable—super absorbent core, ultrasoft top sheet, and stretchable waistband. It comes in different sizes for babies of all age and size.

Gentle and effective, the Uni-Love Baby Laundry Detergent makes the ideal laundry essential for your baby’s clothes. Suitable for newborns and beyond, it’s made with natural ingredients and essential oils, free from dyes, and hypoallergenic. It’s formulated for your little one's sensitive skin.

Love and Comfort Combined

Love and comfort come together in perfect harmony with Uni-Love's baby must-haves. This collection of gentle baby care products from Uni-Love ensures your little one's happiness and well-being. Don't miss this opportunity to give your baby the care they deserve. Shop for Uni-Love wipes and diapers now at Baby Company online!

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