Save 47%
Unilove Scented Wipes 30 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Unilove Unilove Scented Wipes 30 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Sale price₱64.00 Regular price₱120.00
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UniLove Rash Cream 20g
Unilove UniLove Rash Cream 20g
Sale price₱76.00 Regular price₱80.00
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Unilove Bottle Cleanser 500 ml Pouch (Buy 1 Take 1)
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Unilove Unscented Wipes 100 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Unilove Unilove Unscented Wipes 100 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Sale price₱170.00 Regular price₱270.00
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Unilove Scented Wipes 30 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Unilove Unilove Scented Wipes 30 Sheets (Buy 2 Take 1)
Sale price₱75.00 Regular price₱120.00

Discover Mommy-Approved Unilove Baby Products at Baby Company

When it comes to prioritizing your baby’s needs, Unilove Philippines is a local brand you should not miss. Specializing in baby care products, their catalog of affordable and quality baby products is trusted by mommies all over the country including diapers, wipes, and bath essentials.

Get your baby diapering and bath essentials from Unilove’s range of baby-safe products suited for baby care at Baby Company. Browse our collection to find featured Unilove products loved by mommies and babies alike!

Baby's Nappy Needs

Keep your baby comfortable at all times with Unilove AirPro Tape Diapers. Available in newborn, small, and medium sizes, this diaper has a super absorbent core with an ultrasoft top sheet that reduces nappy rash. Its stretchable waistband and magic velcro tape help the diaper fit perfectly on babies.

Unilove also offers their newly-improved Slim Fit Pants for active babies. These easy-to-wear smart diaper pants from Unilove are designed with a special breathable back sheet to prevent unnecessary leaks on active babies.

Stock up on baby wipes with Unilove Soft Scented Wipes, Unscented Wipes, and Scented Wipes variants suitable for the hands, face, body, and nappy area. Compared to other ordinary wipes, their baby wipe products are mild on the baby’s delicate skin preventing rashes. 

Baby Bath Essentials

Protect your baby’s sensitive skin with Unilove bath and hygiene essentials. The Unilove Baby Bath is perfect for cleaning baby skin and hair of all types with its tear-free and gentle formulation. Don’t forget after-bath care with their Vegan Baby Dusting Powder formulated with plant-based ingredients safe for babies.

Whatever Unilove baby essentials you need, we got it at Baby Company! Shop by category or price range all your baby diapers, baby wipes, and more from Unilove at Baby Company stores nationwide. Enjoy up to 50% off on select Unilove products when your checkout via

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