BBLUV Sleëp 3-in 1 Convertible Swaddle - Medium

SKU: 35023420

Sale price₱1,899 PHP


Thanks to Sleep’s innovative design, this unique swaddle system offers three (3) different arm positions and creates a comfortable and safe sleep environment for your baby. Its convertible design adapts to the baby’s favorite sleeping position, whether it be arms to chest, hands up, or hands out, providing better and longer sleep time for both you and your baby.

● 3 arm positions: hands up, hands down, or hands out

● Natural sleep position allows for self-soothing, prevents baby from scratching, and promotes better sleeping patterns

● 3-way Smart Zipper front opening system to facilitate the passing of straps with protective flaps

● Soft, durable, breathable, and easy to clean

● Double-slide system to fix the detachable sleeve or to close for pod position

● A resealable and convenient back pocket to store sleeves so they never get lost

● Hip-friendly design with a lot of room for baby to flex legs naturally

● It comes in 4 sizes according to the baby's weight

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