Chicco Kids Toothbrush For 3-6 years old (Available in 3 Colors)

SKU: 10066316

Color: Blue
Sale price₱199 PHP


Available colors: Blue, Pink, and Green

The Chicco toothbrush for three- to six-year-olds is specially designed to take care of your little ones' oral hygiene. The tapered technology bristles ensure proper cleaning with maximum gentleness on your child's milk teeth and gums. **Recommended by the Italian Dentists Association

  • Extremely soft tapered technology: The toothbrush is equipped with extremely soft bristles with micro-fine ends for a delicate action on the enamel and sensitive gums.
  • Head and handle: The head is equipped with tongue-cleaning bristles, designed to easily reach even the most difficult corners of the baby's small mouth. In addition, the ergonomic and non-slip handle allow for better cleaning.

Includes: 1 x Chicco Kids Toothbrush for 3-6 yrs old

Suitable for: Children aged 3 to 6, toothbrush for milk teeth

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