Hegen Collar & Transparent Cover

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Additional collars and transparent covers are sold separately allowing mothers to seamlessly convert a storage container to a feeding bottle.


Simply pair it with a teat flow of your choice (slow/medium/fast/thick feed) to experience the multi-functional, modular benefits of Hegen’s Express-Store-Feed system and enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free conversion when it comes to feeding.


Directions for Assembly:

- To remove transparent cover
Facing with the Hegen logo on the Collar, push the Transparent Cover backwards to open.

- To assemble teat into the collar
Step 1: Gently squeeze the anti-colic air vent to ensure it is open.
Step 2: Place the Collar over the Teat
Step 3: Pull the Teat through the Collar until it is snugly fitted.


**Tip: Press on all 4 sides to ensure Teat is fully secured. Place on the Transparent Cover for hygiene purposes.

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