MamyPoko Day and Night Diaper Pants - Large, 32 Pads

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Most affordable diapers that can absorb up to 10 hours of liquid! With Diamond Lock, daytime or nighttime; playtime or bedtime, zero worries for mommy & comfier time for baby!


  • All-Round Stretchable

Gives extra comfort every time the baby moves. Since the baby is growing up too fast, he/she becomes more active! And whenever he moves, diapers shouldn't be a cause of irritation. With MamyPoko Pants, babies can dance, jump, roll, and run around the house hassle-free.

  • Double Leak Guards

Can absorb up to 5 cups! Diaper is safe for long use and keeps baby's skin dry because of its quick absorbency feature.

  • Super Breathable Waistband

Keeps baby’s skin dry and rash-free for maximum comfort. Do you ever wonder why a baby cries all the time? It can be because of diaper irritation. With MamyPoko Pants and its breathable soft waistband, Mommy doesn't need to worry about rashes and reddened skin.

  • Higher Absorbency

Can absorb up to 5 cups! The diaper is safe for long use and keeps the baby's skin dry because of its quick absorbency feature.  Made with absorbent materials designed for wetness, so you can go out with your baby without worrying.



Diaper Type: Pants/Pull-Ups


Diaper Size: Large

**For a better fit, recommended for babies 9-14 kg


Diaper Qty: 32 pads


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