MamyPoko Insta-Suot Super Jumbo XL 38 Pads

SKU: 10090274

Sale price₱429.00


NEW MamyPoko Instasuot Pants diaper absorbs longer, prevents leaks, and doesn’t sag so baby is happier, comfier day & night!

Bye-bye lawlaw, hello to a comfier, happier baby day & night!

1. Up to 12 hrs Absorbency - Helps prevent leaks for baby’s comfort and protection. Safe for overnight use.
2. With Elastic Waistband - Does not leave any marks on baby’s delicate skin.
3. Slim Diaper Shape - Slimmer diaper that fits perfectly snug on your baby.
4. Made With Soft Material - Embraces baby’s skin smoothly and softly, reducing risk of skin irritation.
5. Colorful Poko-chan Design - Comes in new joyful and colorful Poko-chan designs.

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