Pigeon Fun Friends Silicon Pacifier (S)-Freshness Green

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The print surface is wide, giving it an appearance that looks cute.

◆ form
A baby is likely to move the tongue in a natural nipple shape.

And change the nipple of the length and width for each size in accordance with the development of the hinterland.

· According to the age, use the size to match the developmental stage; the longer the baby is laid in the well, the more calm it will be.

◆ softness

• In the softness of the nipple with less burden on the jaw, the flexibility to fit the movement of the hinterland

◆ center of gravity balance

Design with a stubborn sense of stability from the mouth when sucking.

◆ Weight
baby is likely addition to the hinterland weight

Nipples: Silicone Rubber· Seat plate, such as: Polypropylene

Heat Resistance
Nipple/Teat: 120 Degree Celsius

Hood/Shield: 120 Degree Celsius

Sterilization Method

Boiling, Chemicals, and Steam Sterilization


For a long time, it may affect the alignment of teeth and engagement and become your long-term. If you are concerned about this, please consult an expert, such as a dentist, as soon as possible. Also, for the first time before becoming yours, always wash after everyday use; refer to the disinfection. Babies are subject to the unexpected action of chewing teeth. You may be and become your long period of time expires or scratched in the nipple. Please guardians every time you are sure to check if there are any abnormalities, such as scratches to pull the nipple. For safety and health, if you use it for one to two months, please replace it with a new pacifier. Through use and disinfection, the number of times you may print a picture is reduced. When washed, water may enter the nipple. Since there is a possibility that the fungus grows, if the water has entered, press the nipple with a finger. Please use this to turn off the water. When the baby is asleep, please remove the pacifier. Remove the hood, and please keep it out of reach of children.· There is a risk of suffocation or hanging the pacifier from the neck; please do not use a ribbon or string as a pacifier holder. For a long time, please do not place it near the location where the fire is in direct sunlight.

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