Tiny Buds Tiny Remedies Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Young babies breathe primarily through their noses; that’s why it’s very important to keep their nostrils clear. When babies catch colds and get running noses, mucous causes congestion, which becomes painful and difficult to breathe.

Tiny Remedies Anti-Backflow Nasal Cleaner has a soft nozzle that is made from non-toxic and safe silicon material, making it gentle on a baby’s delicate nostrils and nasal membrane. The unique valve design prevents the mucus from flowing backward, so there is no risk of germs spreading.

Removing congested mucus helps your baby breathe easier, feed well, and sleep better.

Soft nozzle for gentle cleaning No Smell and Non-Toxic Unique Anti-Backflow Design Prevents Spread of Germs and Bacteria Easy to use Eco-Friendly BPA-Free Silicone

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